How To Do Your Housework When You Have Zero Time

This is a serious question, so do your homework before you read any further. You should have a basic understanding of how to clean your house and how to do simple household chores. If you don’t know the first thing about cleaning, I would suggest you learn from the best — other people who actually have time to clean their homes.

I asked my friend, who is an expert on this topic and runs a successful cleaning business in Qatar, if she could share some of her best tips with me. She replied: “There are two things I would like to tell you about how to clean when you have zero time or energy. First of all, there are several ways to make cleaning more efficient.

Review your lifestyle
You’re not wasting time by keeping your house clean. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up spending too much time cleaning and will eventually start feeling frustrated and stressed.
“When I started my cleaning business, I was so busy with other things in life that I didn’t have enough time to clean,” says Alia Qassim, founder of Cleaning Magic. “I had to figure out how to run the business while still doing everything else, so there was a lot of stress on my shoulders.”
She realised this when she couldn’t find time to visit all her clients because she had a cleaning business running at the same time. She then decided to give up her career and focus only on her cleaning business.

Curate a cleaning plan
Your schedule will dictate which methods you have access to. You may have only enough time to clean your house once or twice per week, while someone with a full-time job can go three or four times per week.
It’s important to decide what you want to do and also what you don’t want to do. That way, you’ll be able to make the most efficient use of your time.
For example, if you only have a few hours on each day, it’s best to focus on one or two chores at a time. If you’re not available to take care of everything all at once, then prioritize tasks in order of importance and make sure they’re completed before starting something new.
By doing this, you get more out of the time that you spend cleaning — and so does your house!

Cleaning 101
it’s all about the first step
First of all, you have to know that there are several ways to clean. There is always a way to do it better. And I am here to tell you that there is one way that will make you feel like money and time has been well spent. Countless people prefer this method over others because it really works for them. Secondly, you have to learn how to get rid of the bacteria at the right time and the right place if you are planning on getting rid of the smell within a short period of time.
Now that you know these two things, let’s get started with cleaning your home!”

Picking the right machine for you
One of the best ways to clean your house is with a steam mop. While not as effective as a vacuum, it does clean more efficiently than using standard cleaning methods.
You can also use a microfiber cloth or an eco-friendly cleaning solution like Comet. For example, you can use vinegar and baking soda to clean hard floors without affecting carpets or other harder surfaces. You can also use baking soda and water mixed together to clean clothes that have dried on the fabric wrung dry by a washer like I do for my children’s clothes.
If you have time, I highly recommend getting an upright vacuum that has several attachments for different types of cleaning such as upholstery, ceramic tile, rugs, and hardwood floors. While these are not cheap, they will be well worth your money in the long run because you won’t need to buy new cleaners every few years!

Viomi Robot Vacuum Alpha UV (S9)
Viomi Alpha UV(S9) Steri-cleaning Expert is equipped with UV serialization technology, which effectively kills 5 kinds of bacteria. UV Sterilization kills up to 99.99% of bacteria, which is way more effective than manual cleaning. With triple-filter system, Viomi Alpha UV (S9) effectively blocks particles out and simultaneously releases clean air. With a 250ml water tank and water volume adjustment design, Viomi Alpha UV (S9) can easily cover an area of 250m² in one session.

● UV sterilization effective rate reaches 99.99%
● Automatic dust collection, no need to empty the trash for 30 days
● Integrated sweeping, vacuuming and mopping, easy to clean stains
● Powerful suction of 2700pa, leave dust no place to hide
● 3L large capacity dust bag, change once a month
● Accurate and seamless connectior short air duct. High efficiency without clogging.
● 5200mAh Powerful and long-lasting battery
● Constant pressure electric control water tank to wet the floor properly
● LDS2.0AI laser mapping Multi-map storage, accurate restoration of the house type

This robot vacuum with self empty uses LDS2.0 sensor with SLAM algorithm for navigation situated in the centrally located turret. That makes it only 9.8 cm high and capable to crawl and clean under furniture. In case the clearance is barely there a pressure sensor in the turret will ensure it will not get stuck. The vacuum motor is very powerful with a whopping 2700 Pa of suction which equates to windspeed of 66 meters per second. In my testing it cleaned exceptionally well and vacuumed up small stray objects like hair clips, small wires and corn kernels. It does get too loud when on maximum power but on quiet or even standard power mode the noise is tolerable.

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