Man VS Food: UK’s Best Eating Challenges

Man VS Food: UK’s Best Eating Challenges

Are you a foodie? If you are ready to go the extra mile to win those exciting prizes, prepare your tummy and mouth for some adventurous Man Vs Food challenges. It is just going to be food and you. However, the challenges are not that easy. You need to stuff your stomach to a point when you are unable to even move from the chair. Of course, that is going to take so much effort and willpower. Keep the prize’s image in your head and take some interesting Man Vs Food challenges. You can use flaming grill discount codes to save some bucks when eating your favorite meal at the best restaurant.

When you participate in these challenges in the UK, you not only play the game but get a wonderful opportunity to taste some of the UK’s delicious cuisines. In this post, we’ll walk you through the most popular Man Vs Food eating challenges in the UK that every food and adventure lover should try. Let’s get started.

Infamous Diner – 21 Pancakes

This amazing competition performed at Basil Chambers Nicholas Croft, Manchester is one of the most popular food eating challenges out there. As the name implies, you need to eat 21 pancakes in 30 minutes. As much as delicious these pancakes are, they come loaded with plenty of ingredients. The best part about the contests is that all these pancakes will be free of cost as long as you manage to ingest them within the given timeframe.

Coming to the price, you can win a T-shirt, a photo installment on the wall, and a badge. Come prepared at this restaurant and be ready for a major pancake treat for free. If you aren’t fond of pancakes, try the next challenge.

Banana Split Belly Splitter

Banana Split Belly Splitter is the best challenge for desert lovers. The restaurant serves vanilla ice cream weighing 3 pounds, whipped cream, delicious nuts, two big size bananas, chocolate and toffee sauce, sprinkles, and cherries. The winners get a T-shirt, free participation in other such contests, and installment of your photo on the restaurant’s wall.

The challenge must be completed in 30 minutes. Also, you can only use a teaspoon to eat the given items. Are you sure you can ingest three pounds of ice cream with whipped cream and heavy nuts within the given timeframe? If yes, head to the Man Vs Food restaurant at Isleworth and Hounslow and take on this challenge.

Solita – Hot Dog

Are you looking for a place to hang out with your friends? Perhaps, you can ask your friends to take on the Solita – Hot Dog eating challenge. The place is especially famous for serving giant burgers stuffed with heavy ingredients. Solita Grill restaurant is located at School Lane, Didsbury, M20 6RD. Head to this restaurant and show your guts to your peers.

The challenge is to get your teeth into a 21-inch beef frank, Jalapenos, sour cream, ballpark mustard, smoked brisket chili, Monterey Jack Cheese, Chow Chow Slaw, and Fried Bacon.

Morley Cheeks – Pizza

Who doesn’t want a mouth-watering Pizza for free? There can’t be a better opportunity to grab a delicious Pizza than Morley Cheeks Pizza Challenge. The real challenge is to finish this extra-large pizza with a full glass of Nutella. Sure, the food is going to be delicious. But, are you sure you won’t throw up after eating a large piece of pizza coupled with a heavy glass of milkshake? The challenge needs to be completed within 45 minutes.

If you think you can win this challenge, head to Morley Cheeks restaurant located at 575 Barlow Moor Rd, Manchester, M21 8AE and get a wonderful chance to win T-shirt and photo installment on the wall. Also, the meal will be free of cost given that you complete and win the challenge.

The Wonder Café Challenge

Are you looking for a free breakfast? Start your day with delicious and fresh breakfast served at the Wonder Café. Take on their popular breakfast challenge which includes four fried slices, four fresh eggs, four pieces of toasts, six hash browns, plum tomatoes, black pudding, six sausages as well as rashers of bacon, beans, and mushroom.

The challenge must be completed within 45 minutes. Otherwise, you will end up paying £20 for the breakfast.


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Yes, you can participate in the festive food eating challenges at Flaming Grill restaurants.

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