Modern Gadgets Cut Housework Time In Half

Viomi Alpha UV(S9) is a state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner that will help cut down on household chores.

The robot can be controlled with voice commands or through an app, so you can clean your house hands free.

This self empty robot vacuum has a UV lamp to kill bacteria and filth, making your home healthier. And it is equipped with sensors that let it navigate its way around the furniture in your house to clean every inch of the floor.

The Viomi Robot Vacuum Alpha UV(S9) is already being used in over 150 countries worldwide, and has the potential to revolutionize the way we do household chores!

How the Viomi Robot Vacuum UV(S9) will cut your housework time in half
This robot vacuum with self empty is equipped with UV serialization technology, which effectively kills 5 kinds of bacteria. UV Sterilization kills up to 99.99% of bacteria, which is way more effective than manual cleaning. With triple-filter system, Viomi Alpha UV (S9) effectively blocks particles out and simultaneously releases clean air. With a 250ml water tank and water volume adjustment design, Viomi Alpha UV (S9) can easily cover an area of 250m² in one session.

● UV sterilization effective rate reaches 99.99%

● Automatic dust collection, no need to empty the trash for 30 days

● Integrated sweeping, vacuuming and mopping, easy to clean stains

● Powerful suction of 2700pa, leave dust no place to hide

● 3L large capacity dust bag, change once a month

● Accurate and seamless connectior short air duct. High efficiency without clogging.

● 5200mAh Powerful and long-lasting battery

● Constant pressure electric control water tank to wet the floor properly

● LDS2.0AI laser mapping Multi-map storage, accurate restoration of the house type
How does this affect our society?

Savings: With the Viomi Robot Vacuum Alpha UV(S9), you can cut your household chores in half.

Energy: You can cut down on your energy bills by cutting down on your house cleaning.

Safety: Viomi Robot Vacuum Alpha UV(S9) is easy to maintain and clean, which means you won’t have to worry about using your hands for your household chores.


Many of the home cleaning robots on the market today are, in fact, little more than glorified Roomba style vacuum cleaners that don’t actually make you clean your house. The Viomi Robot Vacuum Alpha UV(S9) could be the first viable alternative that brings the house cleaning robots we’ve been talking about into the 21st century.

Viomi has continually proven itself to be a highly innovative company that pushes the limits of innovation by continuously reinventing the smart home technologies that are the backbone of the modern home. They are focused on delivering intelligent household products that have the power to make life easier for everyone.

Viomi has made it possible to integrate the world’s top AI technology with smart products that are at the forefront of the home cleaning market.

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